Vol 15, No 2 (1997)

Table of Contents

Editor's Notes PDF
Robert Rotenberg 1-2


From Crisis Reaction to Conflict Prevention in Europe: Introduction PDF
Joel Marrant 3-8
Ethnicity and Politics: Yugoslav Lessons for Home PDF
E. A. Hammel 9-18
Civil Society and the Legacy of Ethnic Cleansing in the Southeastern Alps: Some Implications for Conflict Prevention PDF
Robert Gary Minnich 19-32
Strategies for Interethnic Conflict Prevention in Transylvania PDF
Joel Marrant 33-41
From Crisis Reaction to Conflict Prevention: A Session Retrospective PDF
Joel Marrant 42-44
Redefining the Public-Private Boundary: Nationalism and Women's Activism in Former Yugoslavia PDF
Ana Devic 45-61
The Nation and its Margins: Negotiating a National Identity in Post-1989 Bulgaria PDF
Tim Pilbrow 62-74
God's Russian Experiment: Hope in the Wake of Deconstruction of Gender and Religious Identity PDF
Clementine Creuziger 75-85
Ruling by Different “Scripts”: Hegemony in Marxist and Democratic East German Local Politics PDF
Patricia Heck 86-99
Profession and Propaganda: University Education in the Grip of Ideology and Poverty PDF
Leszek Dziegiel 100-118
"A Pole Can Die for the Fatherland, but Can't Live for Her": Democratization and the Polish Heroic Ideal PDF
Marysia Galbraith 119-139

Open Forum Section

Report From an Osce Monitor for the Albanian Elections: 29th June, 1997 PDF
Antonia Young 140-142


Book Review: Rescue in Albania: One Hundred Percent of Jews in Albania Rescued from Holocaust. PDF
Antonia Young 143-145
Book Review: Three Albanian Short Stories from Writing from the Empire behind the Wall, Edited by Michael March PDF
Lucy Young 146-149

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