Vol 28, No 1 (2010)

Special Issue: Gender in Postsocialist Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union

Table of Contents

Editor's Notes PDF
Sarah D. Phillips 1-2

Special Issue Section 1: Gender Matters: Negotiating Gender Identities, Sexualities, and Family in the 21st Century

Lipstick and Beauty Contests: Female Soldiers in Russia PDF
Christine Eifler 3-22
Men and Social Suffering in Contemporary Lithuania PDF
Artūras Tereškinas 23-39
Daughters of 'Post'-Socialist Macedonia PDF
Ilka Thiessen 40-61
“Battle for Sarajevo” as “Metropolis”: Closure of the First Queer Sarajevo Festival according to Liberal Press PDF
Sanja Kajinic 62-82
Representation of “Lost Orientation,” or, Lesbianism in Georgian Print Media PDF
Nino Kharchilava, Nino Javakhishvili 83-97
Changing Models of Parenting in Contemporary Urban Families in Bulgaria PDF
Nevena Dimova 98-118

Special Issue Section 2: Laboring Women: Gendered Dynamics of Work

Gender Inequalities and the Status of Women in the Labor Market in Transitional Serbia PDF
Marija Kolin 119-137
“Pride Identity” as a Strategy of Self-Representation in the Situation of a Research Interview: The Case of Belarusian Women Involved in Market Trade PDF
Olga Sasunkevich 138-164
Textile Workers in Slovenia: From Nimble Fingers to Tired Bodies PDF
Nina Vodopivec 165-183

Special Issue Section 3: Gendered Migrations

Where Have All the Mothers Gone? The Gendered Effect of Labour Migration and Transnationalism on the Institution of Parenthood in Ukraine PDF
Alissa V. Tolstokorova 184-214
Resource Drain vs. Constitutive Circularity: Comparing the Gendered Effects of Post-Soviet Migration Patterns in Ukraine PDF
Cinzia Solari 215-238
Awareness Raising Campaigns against Human Trafficking in the Russian Federation: Simply Adding Males or Redefining a Gendered Issue? PDF
Susanne Schatral 239-267

Special Issue Section 4: Women in the Lead: Gendered Aspects and Effects of NGOs and Women’s Activism

Unpacking East/West Tensions: Women’s NGOs and Islam in Contemporary Kyrgyzstan PDF
Meghan Simpson 268-301
Muslim Women Leaders in Post-Soviet Ferghana Valley: Whose Leadership Is It Anyway? PDF
Svetlana Peshkova 302-331
Ruling vs. Dialogical Relations: NGOs, Women, and Institutional Power in Anti-Trafficking Campaigns in Russia and Ukraine PDF
Nadia Shapkina 332-354

Open Forum Section

Making Sense of the Post-Soviet Capital: Politics of Identity in the City of Minsk PDF
Anna Shirokanova 355-387
Why Polish Sobótka , Palant and Jawor Remained only Local Polish Traditions: Preserving National Heritage through the Traditional Games PDF
Małgorzata Bronikowska 388-406


Changing Economies and Changing Identities in Postsocialist Eastern Europe (Ingo W. Schröder and Asta Vonderau, eds.) PDF
Narcis Tulbure 407-410
On the Social Life of Postsocialism: Memory, Consumption, Germany (by Daphne Berdahl; Michael Herzfeld and Matti Bunzl, eds.) PDF
Leonore Phillips 411-413
Ethnography and Folklore of the Georgia-Chechnya Border (Shorena Kurtsikidze and Vakhtang Chikovani) PDF
Paul Manning 414-417

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