Vol 19, No 1 (2001)

With guest editor Barbara A. West.

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER Editor 1-2
A Note from the Guest Editor PDF
Barbara A. West 3-4


Citizen Sensibilities: Comparing Grassroots Environmental Activism in Finland and Hungary PDF
Eeva Berglund, Krista Harper 5-10
Conservation versus Livelihood in the Danube Delta PDF
Sandra Bell, Iulian Nichersu, Lucia Ionescu, Eugenia Iacovici 11-15
Wizards, Gurus, and Energy-Information Fields: Wielding Legitimacy in Contemporary Russian Healing PDF
Galina Lindquist 16-28
Personal Transitions and Moral Change after Socialism: The Politics of Remedies in Russian Public Health PDF
Michele Rivkin-Fish 29-41
Time in the Museum, the Museum in Time: The History of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum PDF
Amalia Rosenblum 42-55
De-Arranged Places: East German Art in the Museums of Unified Germany PDF
Barbara Wolbert 57-64
Male Identity, the Military, and the Family in the Former German Democratic Republic PDF
Andrew Bickford 65-76
The Impact and Embodiment of Western Expertise in the Restructuring of the Eastern German Media after 1990 PDF
Dominic Boyer 77-84
Russian Decentralization and the Denial of History: An Analysis of the World Bank's Notion of Decentralization PDF
Jarrett Zigon 85-90
Kosovo is the Most Expensive Serbian Word: Political Enchantment and Milosevic's Rise to Power PDF
Marko Zivkovic 91-97
Longing and Belonging: The West as Territory of Nationness in Albania Cosmologies PDF
Erind Pajo 98-107
Outside the Foreseeable Future: The Tyranny of Ethnicity Politics in Kosova PDF
Isa Blumi 109-127
The 'Hafiz' Who Walked in Beauty: Epic Figures and Genealogical Memory among Turkish-Speaking Albanians in Macedonia PDF
Burcu Akan Ellis 128-137
Between Neotraditionalism and New Resistance - Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg PDF
Eva Maria Hinterhuber 139-152


Film Review: Diamonds in the Dark, By Olivia Lucia Carrescia, First Run/Icarus Films, 2000, 60 Minutes PDF
Joel Marrant 153-155

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