Vol 20, No 1 (2002)

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AEER Editor 1-2
Editor's Notes PDF
Barbara A. West 3


The Little Girl, The Girl to Whom 'It' Happened, Natural Pregnancy, Saint Mary's Bed (translated by Sára Kaiser, edited by Brent Holt) PDF
Bitóné Eszter Gera 4-9
The 'Natural Childbirth' Movement in Russia: Self-Representation Strategies PDF
Ekaterina Belooussova 11-18
Childbirth Definitions and Childbirth Experience PDF
Hana Haskova 19-26
Re-Theorizing Emancipation: Remembering and Rethinking 'Gender Equality' in Eastern European Womanist Thought PDF
Jessica Harvey 27-39
Gender in a Performative Depiction in Tadeusz Rozewicz's Drama 'White Marriage': On the Basis of Judith Butler's Theoretical Text PDF
Lilianna Dorak 41-48
The Embodied Solution of 'The Woman Question' in Post-Revolutionary Russia PDF
Ioulia Gradskova 49-53
Suicide in Post-Socialist Countries: Examples from Hungary and Belarus PDF
Jeffrey Alyn Smith 55-65
Cinderellas of Europe: Waste, Food, and Cleanliness in Postsocialist Politics PDF
Zsuzsa Gille 67-73
A Western Body for the Russian Woman: Shaping Gender Identity in Modern Women's Magazines PDF
Olga Kalacheva 75-78
Transformations in Embodied Lifecourses: Hungarian Women in the 1990s PDF
Barb West 79-86
The Interpretation of Female Bodies as a Projection of Identity: The Orient, The Balkans, or Something Else? PDF
Simona Cupic 87-94

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