Vol 24, No 1 (2006)

Papers from the symposium "Bessarabian Borderlands: One Region, Two States, Multiple Ethnicities" with guest editors Deema Kaneff and Monica Heintz.

Table of Contents

Contents PDF
AEER editor 1-3
Editors' Introduction: “Anthropology of Eastern Europe: Filling the Gaps in Global Attention?" PDF
Krista Harper, Julie Hemment 4-5

Special Issue Section

Guest Editors' Note: Bessarabian Borderlands: One Region, Two States, Multiple Ethnicities PDF
Deema Kaneff, Monica Heintz 6-16
Economic and Trade Borders: The Case of the Reni District, Ukranian Bessarabia PDF
Vsevolod Samokhvalov, Oleg Samokhvalov 17-27
Border-Crossing as a Strategy of Daily Survival: The Odessa-Chisinau Elektrichka PDF
Abel Polese 28-37
Bessarabian Bulgarians: Studying in Bulgaria, Searching for an Identity PDF
Alexander Ganchev 38-43
Step Across the Border: Transnational Encounters and Nation-Making PDF
Hülya Demirdirek 44-50
Continuity and Identity in the Local Community: A Long Term Perspective PDF
Tanya Boneva 51-58
‘We are Bessarabians Here’: Identity, Tradition and Power in Southern Bessarabia PDF
Ekaterina Anastassova 59-65

Open Forum Section

Science, Cynicism, and the Greater Good: Identity and Environmental Discourse in Poland PDF
Tracie L. Wilson 66-75
Chemical Weapons and Transnational Community: A History of the Fox Cities-Kurgan Sister City Program PDF
Katherine Metzo 76-84
Drinking and Nostalgia: Social Imagination in Postsocialist Romania PDF
Narcis S. Tulbure 85-93


Book Review- Playing Soldiers in Bohemia: An Ethnography of NATO Membership PDF
Daniel Burland 94-95
Book Review - The Minority of Minorities: The Human and Political Rights of Gypsies in Hungary PDF
David Boromisza-Habashi 96-97
Conference: Anthropology of Professions in Russia: New and Traditional Occupations in Changing Russia, Social Anthropological Approach PDF
Pavel Romanov 98
Conference: Oral History and (Post)Socialist Societies PDF
Anselma Gallimat 99-102


Reflections on Teaching Anthropology through the Case Study PDF
Sarah D. Phillips 103-106

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