Vol 24, No 2 (2006)

Papers from the symposium "Cultures of Consumerism" with guest editor Kristen Ghodsee. 

Table of Contents

Cultures of Consumerism PDF
AEER editor 1-3
Editorial: Two Hungarian Uprisings: 1956 and 2006 PDF
Krista Harper 4-5
Editors' Preview and Call for Papers PDF
Krista Harper, Julie Hemment 6

Special Issue Section

“Shopaholic” In Eastern Europe: A Guest Editor's Foreword PDF
Kristen Ghodsee 7-9
New Directions in the Study of Postsocialist Consumption PDF
Daphne Berdahl 10-12
Aerobics and Self-Asserting Discourses: Mapping the Gendered Body in Post-Socialist Romania PDF
Petruţa Mîndruţ 13-24
Of Gloss, Glitter and Lipstick: Fashion, Femininity and Wealth in Post-Socialist Urban Bulgaria PDF
Elitza Ranova 25-34
Sakha Pop Music-A Celebration of Consuming PDF
Aimar Ventsel 35-43
Contentious Discourses Surrounding Supermarkets in Post-Soviet Bishkek PDF
Aisalkyn Botoeva 44-53
Innocence Lost: Cinematic Representation of 1960s Consumption for 1990s Hungary PDF
Krisztina Fehérváry 54-61

Open Forum Section

Public Duties and Private Obligations: Networking and Personalisation of Relations in Ukraine PDF
Alexander Tymczuk 62-70
An Ethics of Hope: Working on the Self in Contemporary Moscow PDF
Jarrett Zigon 71-80
Refugees as Harbingers of Political Change in Serbia PDF
Andrei Simić 81-90
Ideology of Consumption in Soviet Union: From Asceticism to the Legitimating of Consumer Goods PDF
Olga Gurova 91-98


Book Review: The Red Riviera, Kristen Ghodsee PDF
Oriol Pi-Sunyer 99-100
Book Review: Mediterranean Ethnological Summer School, Bostjan Kravanja and Matej Vranjes (eds) PDF
Pam Ballinger 101-102
Book Review: Being Góral: Identity Politics and Globalization in Postsocialist Poland, Deborah Cahalen Schneider PDF
Peter Vermeersch 103-104

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