Vol 27, No 2 (2009)

Special Issue: Global Socialisms and Postsocialisms

A collection of papers from the 2009 Soyuz symposium, guest edited by Narcis Tulbure

Table of Contents

Editor's Notes PDF
Sarah Phillips 1

Special Issue Section

Introduction to Special Issue: Global Socialisms and Postsocialisms PDF
Narcis Tulbure 2-18
Probing the Limits of Internationalism: African Students Confront Soviet Ritual PDF
Maxim Matusevich 19-39
“I Don’t Boast About It, but I’m the Most Widely Read Author of This Century”: Howard Fast and International Leftist Literary Culture, ca. Mid-Twentieth Century PDF
Rossen Djagalov 40-55
Letters, Plans, and Walls: Architects and Archaeologists in the 1960s Bucharest PDF
Emanuela Grama 56-67
To Make a Bridge: Eurasian Discourse in the Post-Soviet World PDF
Victor Shnirelman 68-85
Global Postsocialism on a Local Scale: The Soviet Migrants at Karelia and Their Past PDF
Ekaterina Melnikova 86-100
Transnational Affiliations, Local Articulations: Consumption and Romani Publics in Bulgaria PDF
Elana Resnick 101-116
Citizenship Discourse, Globalization, and Protest: A Postsocialist-Postcolonial Comparison PDF
David A. Kideckel 117-133
The Cultural Mediation of Transnational Regulations: Competing Institutional Forms for Romanian Mutual Funds PDF
Narcis Tulbure 134-156

Open Forum Section

Passport Troubles: Social Tactics and Places of Informal Transactions in Post-Socialist Albania PDF
Smoki Musaraj 157-175
“A Lot Depends On Us:” Discourses of Individual and Collective Responsibility in Polish Women’s Self-Defense Courses PDF
Abby Drwecki 176-192
Ecological Community: Pogroms, Peat Bogs and the Zapust Festival PDF
Eunice Blavascunas 193-207
Mythical Vision of the City: Kraków as the ‘Pope’s City’ PDF
Anna Niedźwiedź 208-226
Symphonic Secularism: Eastern Orthodoxy, Ethnic Identity and Religious Freedoms in Contemporary Bulgaria PDF
Kristen Ghodsee 227-252


Waiting for Macedonia: Identity in a Changing World (Ilká Thiessen) PDF
Andrew Graan 253-255
Through Another Europe – An Anthology of Travel Writing on the Balkans (Andrew Hammond, ed.) PDF
Blaž Ilc 256-257
Consumption and Social Change in a Post-Soviet Middle Class (Jennifer Patico) PDF
Neringa Klumbytė 258-259
Conjuring Hope: Healing and Magic in Contemporary Russia (Galina Lindquist) PDF
Maryna Bazylevych 260-261

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