Le “Making of” de Eichmann in Jerusalem et quelques foyers de sa reception

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Michelle-Irène Brudny


Thanks to the Arendt/Hannah Arendt Papers (LC) collection, it is possible to discern the geological strata and to grasp the palimpsest of Eichmann's text in Jerusalem in the precision of its transformations, which are not trivial. The materials available for analysis include the following: 1. The articles from The New Yorker (1963); 2. The first draft of the work (1963); 3. The final draft of the first edition (1963); 4. The corrections for the British edition (Faber and Faber 1963); 5. The answer to Samuel Grafton's questions, which was not published (1963); 6. The interview with Thilo Koch at the beginning of 1964; 7. The German translation revised by the author (1964); 8. The interview with Günter Gaus (1964); and 9. The American edition revised and expanded (1965). To this inventory we can also add the distortions of the citations of the text itself in American and European critiques.



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