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Jerome McGann


The complexity of natural language works, especially transinformational works, cannot be adequately represented by what has become the institutional standard for DH editorial projects, TEI. In that respect book technologies remain far superior to current digital tools in sustaining their reciprocal communicative action. Recent developments in graph database platforms suggest ways to accommodate the n-dimensionality of such work to the disambiguating inertia of digital tools.


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I. Questions and Experiments
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Jerome McGann, University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Jerome McGann is University Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia and Visiting Research Professor, University of California, Berkeley.  University of Chicago Press is publishing Culture and Language at Cross Purposes. The Unsettled Records of American Settlement (Spring 2022) and Cambridge University Press will publish (2023) Byron and the Poetics of Adversity.  Using the diverse poetic and ethnolinguistic work of Jaime de Angulo, he is currently designing, with Michael Fox, an innovative graph database approach to the editing of humanistic materials.