Implementing the Dear Colleague Letter: A Title IX Case Study for University Compliance

Chelsea M. Carroll, Mara G. Dahlgren, Kelly L. Grab, Miriam E. Hasbun, Margaret A. Hayes, Samantha E. Muntis


This paper analyzes the Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) that was issued by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights on April 4, 2011 to examine how sexual harassment and violence are addressed at the collegiate level. After clearly identifying the relevant Title IX requirements and recommendations within the DCL, an instrument was created that higher education institutions can use to assess their level of compliance with these standards. Specifically, this paper examines the implementation of the policy set forth by the DCL at a specific case study institution. The DCL Compliance Instrument (see Appendix A) was created and utilized to determine compliance levels at the case study institution. The instrument represents basic compliance as outlined in the DCL.

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