Terrorism: A Fight Against Ignorance

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Kaelyn Le-Hue


Terrorism is a growing issue. ivith all of the focus on terrorism, there is very little interest in the terrorists themselves. The individuals behind terrorism are widely misunderstood. Terrorists were not born evil. Terrorists are influenced by social and psychological factors. They were desensitized and demoralized by a charming leader who appeared to appreciate and accept them after society deemed them worthless. In reality, this charming leader does not actually appreciate the terrorist or their unwavering commitment to the cause. Terrorists are not oblivious to this reality. They choose to stay Joyal to their unappreciative leaders because they have already given up everything for the cause. It is unlikely that a terrorist will break this vicious cycle; although, it is possible. In order to break the cycle the terrorist must use the tools of ideological criticism. Without ideological criticism, recovery is not possible.

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