A Critical Analysis of Franz Kafka's Novella The Metamorphosis

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Ashley Simon


Several interpretations can be discovered when analyzing Franz Kafka's novella The Metamorphosis through various methods of literary criticism. When approaching the novel from a philosophical perspective, it becomes clear that Gregor's failure to accept the reality that his individuality was to be found in his mind, not his body, is what ultimately resulted in his death. According to a Marxist perspective, Gregor's transformation from man to insect can be seen to represent his social role as a proletariat, which he had been fulfilling prior to his transformation as a nameless individual working beneath the oppressive reign of the bourgeoisie. Furthermore, factors in Franz Kafka's personal life, such as his relationship with his father, inability to communicate, struggles with sexual repression and guilt, and familial traurna, had a significant impact on the formation of the novella.


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