College students at Indiana University are paired with students from TEAM schools, and the writing partners work together to author and illustrate children's stories. At the same time, students at the Kabwende Primary Center write and illustrate their own stories. These stories are compiled into an annual anthology which is distributed to 2,000 students and teachers at Kabwende Primary Center to be used for English language instruction. ISSN 2375-7817.

Vol 6 (2014)

Published: 2017-03-28


Nidrea Futrell, Hali Julick, Laura Oehleman

What Do You See?

Ny-Asha Brame, Vivi Szalavari

Be Confident


Farmer Ben

Kehlani Camacho, Lissa Miller

Practice Makes Perfect

Baleegh McCrimmon, Kevin Koski

What Happened to Me

TUYIZERE Angelique

Joe the Teacher

Elijah Lambert, Josh Medlock

A Friend for Yve

Jordyn Marlin, Chelsea McShurley

Above It All

Michael Riera, Tim Murphy, Elle Lindley

Don’t Fail to Try


Be the Change

Samir Rice, Jacob Lindsey
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