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2000 Reviews 00.09.02, Travaglia, Magic, Causality and Intentionality Details   View text
Steve Walton
2000 Reviews 00.09.03, Miles, ed., Constructing Identities in Late Antiquity Details   View text
Marietta Horster
2000 Reviews 00.09.04, Swanson, Medieval British Towns Details   View text
James Masschaele
2000 Reviews 00.09.05, Colledge, et al, eds, Margaret Porette: The Mirror of Simple Souls Details   View text
Suzanne Kocher
2000 Reviews 00.09.06, Kaeuper, Chivalry and Violence in Medieval Europe Details   View text
Steven Isaac
2000 Reviews 00.09.07, Andrews, The Early Humiliati Details   View text
Bert Roest
2000 Reviews 00.09.08, Veszpremy and Schaer, eds., Simon of Keza: Gesta Hungaroroum Details   View text
Mario Fenyo
2000 Reviews 00.09.09, Briggs, Giles of Rome's De Regimine Principum Details   View text
Craig Taylor
2000 Reviews 00.09.10, Berman, The Cistercian Evolution Details   View text
John Eby
2000 Reviews 00.09.11, Ostorero, Bagliani, Tremp, eds., L'imaginaire du sabbat Details   View text
Robin Briggs
2000 Reviews 00.09.12, Ashton, Speaking the Saint Details   View text
Michael Goodich
2000 Reviews 00.09.13, Adams, et al, eds., The Piers Plowman Electronic Archive Details   View text
Claire Sponsler
2000 Reviews 00.09.14, Seidel, Legends in Limestone Details   View text
William Diebold
2000 Reviews 00.09.15 , Dobozy, trans., The Saxon Mirror: A Sachsenspiegel of the Fourteenth Century Details   View text
Albrecht Classen
2000 Reviews 00.10.01, Camille, Mirror in Parchment: The Luttrell Psalter Details   View text
Ruth Evans
2000 Reviews 00.10.02, Brennan, ed. and trans., John Scottus Eriugena: Divine Predestination Details   View text
Wayne Hankey
2000 Reviews 00.10.03, Drake, Constantine and the Bishops Details   View text
Raymond Van Dam
2000 Reviews 00.11.01, Davidson and Happe, eds.,The Worlde and the Chylde Details   View text
Douglas W. Hayes
2000 Reviews 00.11.02, Dor et al., eds., New Trends in Feminine Spirituality Details   View text
Fiona Griffiths
2000 Reviews 00.11.03, Audisio, The Waldensian Dissent Details   View text
Robert Lerner
2000 Reviews 00.11.04, Mostert, ed., New Approaches to Medieval Communication Details   View text
Sophia Menache
2000 Reviews 00.11.05, Fraioli, Joan of Arc Details   View text
Ann Astell
2000 Reviews 00.11.06, Brown, Christian Humanism in the Late English Morality Plays Details   View text
Alison Taufer
2000 Reviews 00.11.07, Holmes, Assembling the Lyric Self Details   View text
Greg Stone
2000 Reviews 00.11.08, Astill and Langdon, eds., Medieval Farming and Technology Details   View text
Constance H. Berman
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