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2000 Reviews 00.07.12, Brown and Lovett, The Historical Sourcebook for Scribes Details   View text
R. A. Rosenfeld
2000 Reviews 00.07.13, Fugedi, The Elefanthy: The Hungarian Nobleman and His Kindred Details   View text
Florin Curta
2000 Reviews 00.07.14, Holladay, Illuminating the Epic: The Kassel Willehalm Codex Details   View text
Graeme Dunphy
2000 Reviews 00.07.15, Martinez, Baptized for Our Sakes Details   View text
David Frankfurter
2000 Reviews 00.07.16, Hartog, Genghis Khan Details   View text
Felicitas Schmieder
2000 Reviews 00.07.17, Burton, ed., Sidrak and Bokkus Details   View text
Louise M. Bishop
2000 Reviews 00.07.18, Sumption, The Hundred Years War Details   View text
David Green
2000 Reviews 00.08.01, Merback, The Thief, the Cross and the Wheel Details   View text
Norbert Schnitzler
2000 Reviews 00.08.02, Ranft, Women and Spiritual Equality Details   View text
Jon Porter
2000 Reviews 00.08.03, Cameron and Hall, transs., Eusebius's Life of Constantine Details   View text
Michael DiMaio, Jr.
2000 Reviews 00.08.04, Winstead, ed., The Life of Saint Katherine Details   View text
Bradford Lee Eden
2000 Reviews 00.08.05, Blyth, ed., Thomas Hoccleve Details   View text
Matthew Boyd Goldie
2000 Reviews 00.08.06, Backhouse, The Sherborne Missal Details   View text
Elizabeth Parker McLachlan
2000 Reviews 00.08.07, Minnis, et. al., eds., Essays on Ricardian Literature Details   View text
Ann Meyer
2000 Reviews 00.08.08, Huber et al., eds., Geistliches in weltlicher Details   View text
Albrecht Classen
2000 Reviews 00.08.09, Howard-Johnston and Hayward, eds., The Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages Details   View text
Dennis Trout
2000 Reviews 00.08.10, Emmerson and Sheingorn, eds., Studies in Iconography Details   View text
Laura Weigert
2000 Reviews 00.08.11, Reeves, Joachim of Fiore and the Prophetic Future Details   View text
E. Randolph Daniel
2000 Reviews 00.08.12, Frassetto, ed., Medieval Purity and Piety Details   View text
Constant Mews
2000 Reviews 00.08.13, McKee, ed., Crossing Boundaries: Details   View text
Gabriele Neher
2000 Reviews 00.08.14, Peddie, Alfred: Warrior King Details   View text
Gernot Wieland
2000 Reviews 00.08.15, RESPONSE: Gill on Izbicki Details   View text
Thomas Izbicki, Katherine Gill
2000 Reviews 00.08.16, Eggert, Dokumente zur Geschichte des Deutschen Reiches und seiner Verfassung. 1331-1335 Details   View text
Frans Van Liere
2000 Reviews 00.08.17, TMR Announcement: new URL for TMR website Details   View text
2000 Reviews 00.09.01, O'Brien, God's Peace and King's Peace: The Laws of Edward the Confessor Details   View text
Alan Cooper
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