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2000 Reviews 00.02.19, Murray, Suicide in the Middle Ages: Vol 1, The Violent against Themselves Details   View text
David Lederer
2000 Reviews 00.02.20, Dembinska, Food and Drink in Medieval Poland Details   View text
Helmut Hundsbichler
2000 Reviews 00.02.21, Blackmore and Hutcheson, eds., Queer Iberia Details   View text
Nancy Marino
2000 Reviews 00.02.22, Hill and Swan, eds., The Community, the Family and the Saint Details   View text
Kim Esmark
2000 Reviews 00.02.23, Jaeger Responds to Mews Details   View text
Stephen Jaeger
2000 Reviews 00.02.24, Saenger, Space Between Words Details   View text
James J. O'Donnell
2000 Reviews 00.02.25, Troncarelli, Vivarium: I Libri, Il Destino Details   View text
James W. Halporn
2000 Reviews 00.03.01, Goez and Goez, eds., MGH: Die Urkunden und Briefe der Markgräfin Mathilde von Tuszien. Details   View text
Benoît-Michel Tock
2000 Reviews 00.03.02, Dying: Men, Nature, and Representation Details   View text
Albrecht Classen
2000 Reviews 00.03.03, Russom, Beowulf and Old Germanic Metre Details   View text
Dirk Huth
2000 Reviews 00.03.04, Lipton, Images of Intolerance Details   View text
Gerald Guest
2000 Reviews 00.03.05, Church, The Household Knights of King John Details   View text
Heather Tanner
2000 Reviews 00.03.06, Brown, ed., Reading Dreams Details   View text
Eileen Gardiner
2000 Reviews 00.03.07, Abels, Alfred the Great: War, Kingship and Culture in Anglo-Saxon England Details   View text
Bruce O'Brien
2000 Reviews 00.03.08, Owen-Crocker and Graham, eds., Medieval Art: Recent Perspectives Details   View text
Diane Reilly
2000 Reviews 00.03.09, Pernoud and Clin, Joan of Arc Details   View text
Karen Sullivan
2000 Reviews 00.03.10, Wiessner, ed., Das Bistum Naumburg Details   View text
Timothy Reuter
2000 Reviews 00.03.11, Chibnall, The Debate on the Norman Conquest Details   View text
Hugh Thomas
2000 Reviews 00.03.12, Lowden, Early Christian and Byzantine Art Details   View text
Gene Kleinbauer
2000 Reviews 00.03.13, Joensson, ed., Sancta Birgitta: Revelaciones, Book III Details   View text
Harriet Sonne
2000 Reviews 00.03.14, McCracken, The Romance of Adultery Details   View text
Leslie Sconduto
2000 Reviews 00.03.15, Bowersock et al., eds., Late Antiquity Details   View text
Ralph Mathisen
2000 Reviews 00.03.16, Brogiolo and Ward-Perkins, eds., The Idea and Ideal of the Town Details   View text
Hagith Sivan
2000 Reviews 00.03.17, Richardson and Carman, trans., Andreas Vesalius' On the Fabric of the Human Body Details   View text
Luke Demaitre
2000 Reviews 00.03.18, Kittell and Madden, eds., Medieval and Renaissance Venice Details   View text
Benjamin Arbel
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