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2001 Reviews 01.06.06, Santina, Tournament and Literature Details   View text
Steve Muhlberger
2001 Reviews 01.06.07, McAleer, Rochester Cathedral, 604-1540: An Architectural History Details   View text
Carol Davidson-Cragoe
2001 Reviews 01.06.08, Peers, Subtle Bodies: Representing Angels In Byzantium Details   View text
Jas Elsner
2001 Reviews 01.06.09, Christian, A History of Russia Central Asia and Mongolia, Vol 1 Details   View text
Tsvetelin Stepanov
2001 Reviews 01.06.10, Braccesi and Graciotti, eds., La Dalmazia e l'Altra Sponda Details   View text
Boris Olujic
2001 Reviews 01.07.01, Townsend and Taylor, eds, The Tongue of the Fathers Details   View text
Monika Otter
2001 Reviews 01.07.02, Dean, Inka Bodies and the Body of Christ Details   View text
Catherine Julien
2001 Reviews 01.07.03, TMR Announcement: Books Available for Review (July, 2001) Details   View text
2001 Reviews 01.07.04, Warren, History on the Edge Details   View text
Robert Stanton
2001 Reviews 01.07.05, Gibaut, The Cursus Honorum Details   View text
Andrew G. Traver
2001 Reviews 01.07.06, Powers, The Code of Cuenca Details   View text
Roger Wright
2001 Reviews 01.07.07, Rollason, ed. and trans., Symeon of Durham: Libellus de Exordio Details   View text
David Townsend
2001 Reviews 01.07.08, Henisch, The Medieval Calendar Year Details   View text
Wesley M. Stevens
2001 Reviews 01.07.09, Burrus, Begotten, Not Made Details   View text
Kim E. Power
2001 Reviews 01.07.10, Mooney, ed., Gendered Voices Details   View text
Carolyne Larrington
2001 Reviews 01.07.11, Johnson and Claassens, eds., Dutch Romances, Volume I; Roman Van Walewein Details   View text
Bernadette Smelik
2001 Reviews 01.07.12, Kemp, ed., English Episcopal Acta 18 Details   View text
Michael Burger
2001 Reviews 01.07.13, Liuzza, trans., Beowulf Details   View text
Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe
2001 Reviews 01.07.14, Foot, A History of Bookbinding as a Mirror of Society Details   View text
Elaine E. Whitaker
2001 Reviews 01.07.15, Fotic, Mount Athos and Hilandar in the Ottoman Empire Details   View text
Ida Sinkevic
2001 Reviews 01.07.16, Caggese, ed., Statuti della Repubblica Fiorentina Details   View text
Nicholas Eckstein
2001 Reviews 01.07.17, Trindade, Berengaria: In Search of Richard the Lionheart's Queen Details   View text
John Parsons
2001 Reviews 01.07.18, Rubin, Gentile Tales: The Narrative Assault on Late Medieval Jews Details   View text
Christoph Cluse
2001 Reviews 01.07.19, Raybin and Holley, eds., Closure in the Canterbury Tales Details   View text
David G. Allen
2001 Reviews 01.07.20, Robinson, Henry IV of Germany Details   View text
Kathleen G. Cushing
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