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19.11.06 Angold, Nicholas Mesarites

19.11.06 Angold, Nicholas Mesarites

We regret to report that we are retracting the following reviews, which duplicate significant content from previously published reviews by other authors, as follows:

TMR 20.08.15, review of S. Kennedy, Two Works on Trebizond copied from:

TMR 19.11.06, review of M. Angold, Nicholas Mesarites copied from and

TMR 16.05.15, review of A. Kaldellis, The Byzantine Republic, copied from

TMR 15.10.11, review of C. Angelidi and G. Calofonos, Dreaming in Byzantium and Beyond contains overlap with

The author of the retracted reviews, Spyros Panagopoulos, also wrote one other review for us:

We deeply apologize to our readers, to the authors of the books, and especially to the original authors whose work was stolen; we have permanently removed all of these reviews from our website.

The Editors

The Medieval Review

Posted on August 10, 2020