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'00 Inaugural Statement and Masthead.
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BMMR 00.01.01. '00 Inaugural Statement and Masthead

Dear Subscriber,

Happy 2000! Presumably if you are receiving this, your computer has survived the Y2K bug; we would like to wish you a happy and productive millennium.

In 1999, TMR published reviews of 162 books, 20% increase over the previous year. This still represents only a fraction of the books published on medieval topics. We are building connections with presses, and are particularly interested in non-American publishers; we encourage you to inform us of books that you think should be reviewed.

The TMR website (http://www.hti.umich.edu/b/bmr/tmr.html) was modified slightly in October so that more information can be found on the home page. We have been witnessing an astonishing growth in activity at the website; at the end of 1999, we are averaging 20,000 hits per month, from countries around the world. We are very pleased that we are able to reach people by the site as well as via e-mail.

The number of subscribers to TMR has been steadily increasing; as of November 1, 1999, we had approximately 2300 subscribers (including both TMR and BMR subscriptions), and, as with the presses and the website hits, are pleased to note an increase in non-American addresses. Please tell your friends, colleagues, students, and professors about us, and encourage them to subscribe!

We have many people to thank for their assistance to us in the past year. First and foremost, thanks go to Kerry Warren and his successor Douglas Dentino, our editorial assistants, for their outstanding work in maintaining our day-to-day operations. The support from people at WMU continues to be overwhelmingly positive; notable for their contributions are Paul E. Szarmach, Director of the Medieval Institute; Elise Jorgens, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; and Ronald Davis and Bruce Haight, former and current Chairs of the History Department. We are extremely grateful to the Humanities Text Initiative at the University of Michigan, which maintains the site for us, and in particular to John Price-Wilkins, Chris Powell, and Nigel Kerr for their extraordinary assistance in maintaining the site. Our fellow-editors at the Bryn Mawr Classical Review, Rick Hamilton and Jim O'Donnell, have been consistently supportive.

The diligence and enthusiasm of our review editors - Zyg Baranski, George Beech, Constance Berman, George H. Brown, Michael Calabrese, Albrecht Classen, Florin Curta, Luke DeMaitre, Gerhard Jaritz, Deborah McGrady, Brian McGuire, Maria Menocal, Constant Mews, James Palmitessa, Linda Safran, Larry Simon, Robert Stacey, and Richard Utz - enables us to maintain high standards for the reviews that we publish; we are extremely grateful to them for their assistance. We also thank our reviewers, without whose work there would be no journal.

And, of course, we thank you, the subscribers; we are daily heartened by your enthusiasm for the Medieval Studies on the internet.

With every good wish for the new year we are, Cordially,

Rand Johnson and Deborah M. Deliyannis, Editors The Medieval Review



The Medieval Review The Medieval Institute Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, MI 49008 TMR-L@wmich.edu


Deborah Mauskopf Deliyannis, Western Michigan University Rand H. Johnson, Western Michigan University

**Advisory Board**

James J. O'Donnell, University of Pennsylvania Thomas Seiler, Western Michigan University Paul E. Szarmach, Western Michigan University Eugene Vance, University of Washington

**Review Editors**

Zyg Baranski, University of Reading George Beech, Western Michigan University Constance Berman, University of Iowa George H. Brown, Stanford University Michael Calabrese, California State University, Los Angeles Albrecht Classen, University of Arizona Florin Curta, University of Florida Luke DeMaitre, University of Virginia Gerhard Jaritz, CEU Budapest Deborah McGrady, Tulane University Brian McGuire, Royal University of Copenhagen Maria Menocal, Yale University Constant Mews, Monash University James Palmitessa, Western Michigan University Linda Safran, Catholic University of America Larry Simon, Western Michigan University Robert Stacey, University of Washington Richard Utz, University of T|bingen

**Editorial Assistant**

Douglas Dentino

**Subscription information**

To subscribe to TMR, send an e-mail message to: mailserv@listserv.cc.wmich.edu with nothing on the subject line, and the single message line: subscribe TMR-L

To unsubscribe from TMR, send an e-mail message to: mailserv@listserv.cc.wmich.edu with nothing in the subject line, and the single message line: unsubscribe TMR-L

To subscribe to both TMR and BMCR, send an e-mail message to: majordomo@brynmawr.edu with nothing in the subject line, and the single message line: subscribe BMR-L [your e-mail address]

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