COVID-19, eLearning, the Digital Divide and Underprivileged Children

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James E Hollenbeck
Beccah-Marie Nesbitt


Within the last two years studies show that many of our youth are lagging in education due to the pandemic lockdown, the application of eLearning with the lack of preparation, and a shortage of adequate learning technology and updated technology (Povich, 2020). Schools moved away from paper homework and in-person learning, and to online homework unfamiliar to students. In some areas, the schools were able to provide technology that the students could take home, but this did not always come along with Wi-Fi, hotspots, or some type of internet to make it functional. In other areas, the school systems were not able to fund the distribution of technology to each student. The pressure students feel from not having access to the technology they need leads to academic decline. Students with lower socio-economic status and limited access to eLearning and technology were unable to complete their homework or receive an adequate education.


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Beccah-Marie Nesbitt, Indiana University Southeast

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