Let’s Talk About ‘My’ Concept Map: Use of Dialogue to Enhance Concept Mapping

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Roshan Lamichhane
Amber Simpson


The intersection of dialogue and concept map use is explored through this qualitative study. An introductory chemistry classroom for middle or high school students explores the combined effect of these two evidence-based teaching strategies. Following the lesson, students participated in a focus group to provide feedback on the lesson's use of discussing their concept maps. The results of that feedback and ideas for improvement and how to utilize this strategy in your own classroom is presented. Although this method may pose it's own unique set of challenges in the classroom, student understanding of basic foundational chemistry concepts was advanced.


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Roshan Lamichhane, Indiana University, Bloomington

Associate Instructor, Indiana University, School of Education

Amber Simpson, Visiting Assistant Professor, Math Ed, Indiana University Bloomington

Visiting Assistant Professor, Math Ed