Intentions, Extensions Creative Editing and Translation Practice in A Sauvage Reader

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Daria Chernysheva


Translation and editing may be defined as highly similar practices yielding an independent text that bears a relationship to other texts. This article offers examples from the author’s ongoing project A Sauvage Reader to demonstrate how it may be possible to emphasize the bonds of correspondence that emerge, via translation and editing, between texts, as opposed to anxieties about the search for and fidelity to a definitive text.


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II. Creative-Critical Case Studies
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Daria Chernysheva, University College London

Daria Chernysheva is a PhD candidate in the Creative Critical Programme at University College London. Her doctoral project revolves around translating the work of twentieth-century French poet Cécile Sauvage and bridging creative and academic practices. Her previous translations have appeared in the Brooklyn Rail, Triple Canopy, and AzonaL, and her critical work in Comparative Drama.