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Timothy Mathews


An evocation of translation as process, and the voices discovered. Followed by some notes on research fields; and on translation, editing, and self-editing. 


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I. Questions and Experiments
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Timothy Mathews, University College London

Timothy Mathews is Emeritus Professor of French and Comparative Criticism at University College London. Enamoured with artworks, and frequently overwhelmed by them, in writing, translating, editing and collaborating, he explores what relating to art can say about relating to people. What does it mean to offer cultural gifts? And accept or ignore them? What does it mean to have a voice, and to be conscious of making one? The aim is always to be moved, to communicate strength of feeling, to perform it, and the way of thinking it provokes. His two most recent books are There and Not Here: Chronicles of Art, a book of creative critical essays and encounters with artworks, published by Ma Bibliothèque in 2022; and Alberto Giacometti: the Art of Relation was published by I B Tauris in 2014. His translations include Seated Woman, a novel by Guillaume Apollinaire, published by Shearsman Books (2022). His co-edited volumes include Tradition, Translation, Trauma, with Jan Parker (2011), Poetic Biopolitics, with Peg Rawes and Stephen Loo (2015), and The Modernist Bestiary, with Sarah Kay (2020).