The BIFLOW-Toscana Bilingue Catalogue: A Digital Representation of the Socio-cultural History of Translation in the Tuscan Middle Ages (1260–1430)

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Tiziana Mancinelli
Antonio Montefusco


This article aims at presenting the Biflow-Toscana Bilingue catalogue, the final outcome of the Biflow (Bilingualism in Florentine and Tuscan Works) ERC project, which investigates the forms and modes of the transmission of texts circulating in several languages in medieval Tuscany between the end of the thirteenth and the middle of the fifteenth century (translations of non-classical texts produced or realized in Tuscany between 1260 and 1430). The construction of a digital catalogue comprehends the theoretical framework and methodological backgrounds of the many fields involved in the project; more crucially, this research focused on the tradition and translations of texts transmitted in manuscripts seeks to reshape humanistic methods and methodologies in order to find the best solutions for representing it with computational models.


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