Alice Gray, Dorothy Buell, and Naomi Svihla: Preservationists of Ogden Dunes

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Stephanie Smith
Steve Mark


The present article describes the contributions of three preservationists – Alice Mabel Gray, Dorothy Richardson Buell, and Naomi Ireland Svihla. Each of these women resided in Ogden Dunes at some point in their lives, loved the natural beauty of the area, and contributed to the preservation of the sand dunes of Northwest Indiana. Alice Gray did so by bringing attention to the Dunes at a time when critical efforts were being made to preserve them as part of the Indiana Dunes State Park. Dorothy Buell founded the Save the Dunes Council that successfully preserved parts of the dunes in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, and Naomi Svihla added her efforts to the Save the Dunes Council in forming the National Lakeshore. She also served as an early board member and president of the Historical Society of Ogden Dunes, an organization dedicated to preserving the cultural history of Ogden Dunes.


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