Multidisciplinary Psychosomatic Assessment for UX Design Evaluation

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Andrea Bonacchi
Antonella Ferrari
Lelio Camilleri
Francesca Chiesi


“In the mirror of the Wonder of Luca Giordano” was a multi-sensorial experience created in the gallery frescoed by Luca Giordano in Palazzo Medici Riccardi, in Florence; the project involved different disciplines and researchers. The entire experience was subjected to an impact analysis, combining principally psycho-physiological, qualitative psychological and neuro-physiological aspects. In most of the visitors who participated in the study the experience evoked a sense of pleasure, enjoyment, relaxation, lightness, space-time suspension, involvement and immersiveness. In many of the visitors, the devices detected changes in heartbeat with a stastically significant decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, demontrating that the impact of artwork in a multi-sensorial experience and in an augmented perception environment is a psycho-somatic impact. Our experience suggests that projects such as "In the mirror of the Wonder of Luca Giordano" could be a very useful tool for cultivating emotional intelligence and could be developed in museums alongside the more classical paths of fruition.

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Bonacchi, A., Ferrari, A., Camilleri, L., & Chiesi, F. (2019). Multidisciplinary Psychosomatic Assessment for UX Design Evaluation. Studies in Digital Heritage, 2(1), 106-120.
Special Issue "Perceiving CH through Digital Technologies"