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Ludovica Mazzetti d'Albertis


In the last decades the world has become rapidly smaller with the destruction of spatial barriers known as “globalization.” It is a term both annoying and exhaustive, signifying a syncretic and global perception of reality. This condition has been further made easy by the enormous amount of data made accessible to us. The accelerated transition from an analogue to a digital world has literally invaded us with information creating not only a huge cultural gap between generations, with all its consequences, but offering at the same time huge opportunities. This paper intends to describe how technology, not without obstacles, has changed the way to communicate culture, and to make it more accessible. Our cultural heritage requires technology to be known and furthermore in order to be preserved. Present archives and museums, whether large or small, must move along with times, giving large space to technology and to new professional skills. The protection of our heritage requires communication, which plays a decisive role in making everybody knowledgeable. It is paradigmatic today and a duty to use technologies in order to store, preserve, save and communicate this heritage.

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Mazzetti d’Albertis, L. (2018). Encyclopedic Palace. Studies in Digital Heritage, 2(1), 80-94. https://doi.org/10.14434/sdh.v2i1.24611
Special Issue "Perceiving CH through Digital Technologies"