Reconnecting a Fragmented Monument through Digital Mapping: The City Walls of Athens

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Markos Katsianis
Stamatina Lampraki
Anna-Maria Theocharaki
Maria Pigaki
Leda Costaki
Evantia Papaefthimiou


The fortifications of Athens have been a recurrent theme of archaeological investigation. In the past two centuries, parts of the walls have been located during rescue interventions at numerous sites in the urban fabric. At present, the visibility of the entire monument remains rather low as the traces of the walls are hidden beneath the modern city, marginalized within larger archaeological sites or preserved entirely by record. Despite the high level of scholarly work devoted to synthesize the available material, the volume of information accumulated over the years requires a novel approach that would systematize different types of evidence using digital media. In this respect, we attempt to revisit the city walls of Athens through the use of geospatial technologies. We target the informed development of an efficient GIS platform to record, store, integrate, explore and eventually disseminate resources on the Athenian fortifications. Our research employs published and archival sources (e.g. excavation drawings) in combination with historical maps (e.g. early cadastral maps, first maps of modern Athens) and complementary historical evidence (e.g. writings, illustrations, photography) to locate, document and integrate in space and time available data on lost and surviving fortification remains.


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Katsianis, M., Lampraki, S., Theocharaki, A.-M., Pigaki, M., Costaki, L., & Papaefthimiou, E. (2019). Reconnecting a Fragmented Monument through Digital Mapping: The City Walls of Athens. Studies in Digital Heritage, 2(2), 177–195.
Cultural Heritage and New Technologies 2017
Author Biography

Markos Katsianis, Dipylon - Society for the Study of Ancient Topography

2009 PhD. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

2011-2015 Employed at Acropolis Restoration Service

2017 Assistand Professor in University of Patras, Department of Cultural Heritage Management and New Technologies (Elected)


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