Digitization of the Cultural Heritage of Slovakia. Combining of Lidar Data and Photogrammetry

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Jana Minaroviech


During the years 2013-2016 a great number of buildings (medieval castles, churches and other monuments) in Slovakia were digitized. STUDIO 727 was the main provider of these digitalization works.

The subject of our investigation was the most significant Slovakian historical objects. Within the digitalization project we have created 3D models of the most important Slovakian monuments, as e.g. Bojnice castle, gothic church in Spišský Štvrtok or Devin castle, where there are also artifacts from Roman period, La Tène era and Middle Ages.

The aim of the project was to identify current technological possibilities for the creation of virtual presentations of real spaces. During the creation of the 3D models we used a combination of Photogrammetry and 3D space scanning by laser scanner LIDAR (Leica brand). Final modification of laser outputs was made using Cyclone software. Post processing was done with Capture Reality, Autodesk Maya and MeshLab software. 2D documentation was made using AutoCAD.

The purpose of documentation was to capture the appearance of historical buildings and historical building technologies, to keep culture heritage for next generation. Some monuments, which have been falling apart progressively, were documented. The documentation created will contribute to culture heritage publicity and provides documentation for the future renovation of these particular monuments. The Entry of this project was the process of creating 3D virtual models and 2D documentation.

Contribution was created thanks to EU project, within the Operational program Informatization of society. Project was supported by The Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic and Government Office of Slovak Republic.


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Minaroviech, J. (2017). Digitization of the Cultural Heritage of Slovakia. Combining of Lidar Data and Photogrammetry. Studies in Digital Heritage, 1(2), 590–606. https://doi.org/10.14434/sdh.v1i2.23286
Special Issue "Cultural Heritage and New Technologies 2016"


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