Environmental scanning (also known as “context” or “horizon” scanning) is a method used to help identify risks and opportunities, and is used as part of a risk management process. The Risky Academy is an environmental scan produced monthly since April 2013 to provide an ongoing, regular process for Indiana University decision-makers to stay vigilant to early signals of change, and to proactively identify broad new and emerging external risks, trends, threats, and opportunities. It is produced as part of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program. The editor monitors daily, weekly, and monthly news alerts from key higher education, local, and national sources, and collates and summarizes the information for about 300 Indiana University leaders. The information reported is scoped to be relevant to a large, public, liberal arts research university in the Midwest United States. It should also cause readers to improve their decision-making, and to save time readers would have spent looking at additional literature, news, or media. ISSN 2578-4897.