Education without Redemption: Ten Reflections about the Relevance of the Freirean Legacy

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Gustavo E. Fischman
Víctor H. Díaz


By now, it goes without saying that very fewscholars-intellectuals can lay greater claimto the notion that the hallmark of a goodeducational program must be its commitmentto the democratization of our societies thanthe late Brazilian teacher and intellectual,Paulo Freire. A decade after his death, all ofhis books remain in print (in more than 60languages) and some are among the bestsellingtitles for educators. A simple web-basedsearch gives 1.800.000 pages with referencesto Freire (significantly more than almostany other author in the field of education,perhaps with the exception of John Dewey),and his name has been used to identify publicand private schools, research centers, NGOsand pre-schools in more than 45 countries(Schugurensky, 2011).

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Gustavo E. Fischman, Centro Regional de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

Arizona State University