Education in Communities of Population in Resistance in the Ixcán: State denial and educational mediation

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Rodrigo J. Veliz


Following the State violence in the early 1980s, many displaced communities were established inthe Ixcán jungle. Once organized, and while being pursued by the army, the communities startedto plan their own educational process on the basis of their shared needs and political horizons. Withthe advent of peace in 1996 and new educational reform, the State established relationships withthe communities in the area of education, disrupting the process they had begun. A close-up lookreveals how teachers and students are establishing mediations with the contents and relationshipsthe State seeks to establish with them. This allows these teachers and students to serve as a typeof filter that restores some measure of autonomy from the State’s involvement, and it also seeks toreconsider the basic needs of pertinent, democratic education from a marginalized position.

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