Intercultural Education and Democracy

Sylvia Schmelkes


As this is a special issue on intercultural education in a journal about education for democracy, it was our interest to establish the connections between interculturality and democracy, as well as the role of education in the development of both.  Through robust conceptual and methodological discussions, the eight articles that make up this issue indicate that a close relationship exists between interculturality(ies) and democracy(ies).  In the development process of each one individually, and of their connections, education, and specifically education for interculturality, citizenship, and democracy, understood equally in the plural as in the broadest sense, continues to represent a uniquely important route. 

After reading this issue, we remain convinced that diversity, recognized and empowered, expresses, in turn, the diversity and complexity of knowledge systems and utopias, as well as conflicts and processes.  These different ways of understanding the world and its evolution strongly question established conceptions of interculturality, democracy, citizenship, as well as the education necessary for developing them.


Intercultural Education; Democracy; Citizenship Education