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Vol 5 (2012): Summer 2012 How does the use of the Holocaust as a metaphor in "Daddy" and "Lady Lazarus" by Sylvia Plath compare in her development of the definition of self-identity? Abstract   PDF
Megan Cattel
Vol 4 (2011): Summer 2011 Hughes Reviews Abstract   PDF
Gillian Groszewski
Vol 5 (2012): Supplement - Fall 2012 I - A Feather for My Shelf Abstract   PDF
George Fitzgerald
Vol 4 (2011): Summer 2011 "I am, in my deep soul, happiest on the Moors": The Impact of Dealing with the World Beyond the Shores of the United States in the Life and Work of Sylvia Plath Abstract   PDF
Maeve O'Brien
Vol 7 (2014): Plath Profiles Volume 7 Identity Collages Abstract   PDF
j/j hastain
Vol 5 (2012): Summer 2012 I don't know what the truth is Abstract   PDF
Katherine McCord
Vol 5 (2012): Summer 2012 I Have a Self to Recover: Sylvia Plath and the Literary Success of the Failed Suicide Abstract   PDF
Clare Emily Clifford
Vol 7 (2014): Plath Profiles Volume 7 “I’m willing to let you know me if you’ll do the same”: Sylvia Plath’s Redemption of Bill the Veteran in “Brief Encounter” Abstract   PDF
Julie Ooms
Vol 2 (2009): Summer 2009 In Memoriam Abstract   PDF
Schule Kivrak
Vol 5 (2012): Summer 2012 In the Bathtub with Esther Greenwood Abstract   PDF
Betsabe Gomez
Vol 5 (2012): Summer 2012 In the Lilly Library Reading Room Abstract   PDF
Christine Walde
Vol 1 (2008): Summer 2008 Introduction to Elizabeth Gray’s Wish I Had A Sylvia Plath, by Anthony Edwards Abstract   PDF
Barbara Mossberg
Vol 1 (2008): Summer 2008 “I should be loving this”: Sylvia Plath’s “The Perfect Place” and The Bell Jar1 Abstract   PDF
Peter K. Steinberg
Vol 1 (2008): Summer 2008 Is there a shaman in Sylvia? Sylvia’s redemptive Imagination Abstract   PDF
Ananya Ghoshal
Vol 4 (2011): Summer 2011 Johnny Panic: A Journey to the Bog of Madness Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Dobson
Vol 1 (2008): Summer 2008 “Just Like the Sort of Drug a Man Would Invent”: The Bell Jar and the Feminist Critique of Women’s Health Care Abstract   PDF
Luke Ferretter
Vol 5 (2012): Summer 2012 Keeping its Feet: The Drama of "Nick and the Candlestick"—for the Fifth Anniversary of Plath Profiles Abstract   PDF
Seph Rodney
Vol 5 (2012): Supplement - Fall 2012 "Lady Lazarus" and Lady Chatterley Abstract   PDF
W. K. Buckley
Vol 5 (2012): Summer 2012 Lady Lazarus in Gothic Gauze; Genre and Gender Abstract   PDF
Catherine Leigh Reeves
Vol 2 (2009): Summer 2009 Lady Lazarus Wants a Room of Her Own: On Writing for Therapy Abstract   PDF
Jamie E. Bourne
Vol 3 (2010): Supplement - Fall 2010 Learning from Students Abstract   PDF
Dianne M. Hunter
Vol 6 (2013) "Light Borrowing" from The New Yorker Abstract   PDF
David Trinidad
Vol 6 (2013) Lilly Library Abstract   PDF
Susan McMichael
Vol 6 (2013) Little, Smiling Hooks Abstract   PDF
Bonnie Bolling
Vol 5 (2012): Supplement - Fall 2012 Living In the Mind of a Perfectionist: A Plath-ological Memoir Abstract   PDF
Catherine Tobin
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