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Caporrimo, Rosaria
Cattel, Megan, Palm Harbor University High School
Chambers, Natalie
Chérau, Laura
Christodoulides, Nephie
Christodoulides, Nephie, University of Cyprus
Christodoulides, Nephie J., University of Cyprus
Ciobanu, Elena
Ciobanu, Elena, University of Bacau, Romania (Romania)
Ciobanu, Elena, University of Bacău, Romania
Ciobanu, Elena, Vasile Alecsandri University, Bacău, Romania (Romania)
Ciobanu, Elena, "Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacau, Romania
Clark, Heather
Clark, Heather, Marlboro College
Clifford, Clare Emily, Birmingham-Southern College
Cockayne, Tony
Concus, Christi
Concus, Christi, Indiana University Kokomo
Conway, Cat
Conway, Cathleen Allyn
Conway, Cathleen Allyn, University of Greenwich, London
Cook, Juliet
Cooley, Peter, Tulane University
Cooley, Peter, Tulane University (United States)
Creadick, Anna, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

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