The Confession of Love, Loss and Anger in Sylvia Plath's Poetry

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Cristina Pipoș


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Cristina Pipoș, Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University of Bucharest,

Cristina Pipoș,  Assistant Professor at Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University of Bucharest, PhD candidate in Romanian literature at Transilvania University of Brașov, is studying The Poetry of Confession in Sylvia Plath's work and its impact on Romanian poets such as Mariana Marin. She has published articles related to Plath in Bulletin (Transilvania University of Brașov) and Research and Science Today. Books she has published include the novel Dark Chocolate (Aula & Tracus Arte 2012), as well as English: University Manual for 1st Year Students (ProUniversitaria 2012) and Business English: University Manual for 2nd Year Students (Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University of Bucharest 2012).