The Smoke and Mirrors of "The Couriers"

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Julia Gordon-Bramer


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Julia Gordon-Bramer

Julia Gordon-Bramer  divides her time between writing and teaching, reading tarot cards, and Sylvia Plath scholarship. Her book, Fixed Stars Govern a Life: Sylvia Plath’s Qabalah Code, volume one, will be out through Stephen F. Austin State University Press this fall, and The Magician’s Girl: History, Mysticism and the Lives that Shaped Sylvia Plath is forthcoming in spring of 2014. Nominated by UM-St. Louis as a Best New Writer for poetry, she is also a Raymond Carver award winner in fiction, and has appeared in numerous anthologies. Gordon-Bramer will teach "Sylvia Plath & the Tarot" for Lindenwood University in 2014.