Call for Submissions: BIPOC Writers and Intersectionality in Plath

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Robert Eric Shoemaker


CFP: BIPOC Writers and Intersectionality in Plath 

Deadline: Juneteenth, 2022 

What are the connections of Plath studies and Plath’s writing with intersectionality, racial justice, Pan-African, and diasporic studies? Are these connections meaningful ways to engage in scholarship of Plath, or is Plath and her era “in the way”? How can we as responsible, ethical scholars critique Plath and reposition her work and the work of writers like her in the context of social justice in 2021 and beyond? What questions can we ask the canon and how can we productively interrogate writers who, up to now, have been given the floor over other writers - of color, differently-abled, LGBTQIA+, trans*, and other identities? In the present era of intense scrutiny, amid the vital work of reparations and accountability and anxiety over race and other aspects of identities collective and individual, Plath Profiles wants to reflect on how our study and field has both failed and succeeded in the ongoing struggle against oppression. 


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