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Sylvia Plath


POETRY03 In the Slivered Hospital Jennifer MacBain-Stephens04 Self-Portrait as Hydrangea Shevaun Brannigan05 The Beeswax Candle Janna Erickson06 Sumption: Sivvy’s Food Crystal Hope Hurdle08 Blue Water Natalie Crick09 Night Natalie Crick ARTICLES18 Esther’s Uncanny Doubles: The “big, smudgy-eyed Chinese woman” and the “bleached-blonde Negress” in The Bell JarHiromi Yoshida  23 “Paula’s snowsuit was smeared wet and black with oil”: Sylvia Plath on Children’s Capacity for Love and War’s Influence of HateJulie Ooms 31 Mud Plus Struck Equals Muck: Filth andViolence in the Works of Sylvia PlathJulia McCord Chavez, Robert C. Hauhart34 Shrunken Heads: Reading Plath Reading EliotSara Fetherolf 40 ‘Unintelligible syllables’: Noise in the poetry of Sylvia Plath Christine Walde STUDENT WORK68 “Every Woman’s a Whore”: Misogyny and Hypocrisy in Sylvia Plath’s OeuvreMercy D. Sherman 68 A World Without Men: Matriarchal Landscapes in Sylvia Plath’s “Stings,” “Wintering,” “Purdah,” and “Letter in November” Constance Chan 68 Identity in The Bell Jar and The Perks of Being aWallflower: A ComparisonTaylor McGonigle 68 The significance of metaphor in ‘Daddy’Elise Stanford 68 Exploring identity in The Bell Jar and The Catcher in the RyeJess Ardley ART55 Poems, SuitcasesKristina Zimbakova

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