Beyond the brick walls: Homeschooling students with special needs

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Kathleen B. Cook
Katie E. Bennett
Justin D. Lane
Theologia K. Mataras


The percentage of children with special needs receiving academic instruction at home has substantially increased since a resurgence of homeschooling during the 1990s. In light of this information, the purpose of this article was to provide an overview of the history and laws related to homeschooling, the characteristics of homeschool families, and the relevant issues that parents of children with disabilities encountered when choosing to homeschool. This is followed by a discussion of the reasons parents chose to homeschool their children with special needs, as well as the current state of research on homeschooling students with disabilities. Finally, suggestions related to homeschooling students with disabilities were made for future researchers, parents, and public school educators.


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Cook, K. B., Bennett, K. E., Lane, J. D., & Mataras, T. K. (2013). Beyond the brick walls: Homeschooling students with special needs. Research, Advocacy, and Practice for Complex and Chronic Conditions, 32(2), 98–111.
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