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Campbell, Craig, University of Texas at Austin (United States)
Card, Jeb J., Southern Illinois University Carbondale (United States)
Carruthers, William, European University Institute (Italy)
Casper, Scott E., University of Nevada (United States)
Censky, Ellen J., Milwaukee Public Museum (United States)
Chalfen, Richard, Temple University (United States)
Chapman, Dasha, New York University (United States)
Chappell, Ben, University of Kansas
Chen, Xiaohong, Indiana University (United States)
Christen, Kimberly, Washington State University (United States)
Christensen, Danille Elise, The Ohio State University, Columbus (United States)
Coleman, Holly K.
Conaty, Gerald, Glenbow Museum (Canada)
Coplin, Jenna Wallace, Hofstra University (United States)
Corbiere, Alan, Lakeview School, M'Cheeging First Nation
Corbiere, Mary Ann, University of Sudbury (Canada)
Cordell, Linda S., School of Advanced Research (United States)
Cuccio, Claire (Japan)

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