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Bagg, Shannon, Canadian Museum of Civilization
Barker, Alex W, Museum of Art and Archaeology University of Missouri
Barlow, Kathleen, Central Washington University
Batty, Philip, Melbourne Museum
Bauman, Richard, Indiana University
Bell, Joshua A., Smithsonian Institution
Benedetti, Cristina, the Ohio State University
Berk, Christopher D., Auburn University
Berlinger, Gabrielle, Indiana University
Berlinger, Gabrielle A., Bard Graduate Center
Berlinger, Gabrielle A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Berlo, Janet Catherine, University of Rochester
Berta, Péter, Department of Social Anthropology, Institute for Ethnology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Bishop, Catherine P., Indiana University
Blair, Heather, Indiana University
Bodinger de Uriarte, John Joseph, Susquehanna University
Bol, Marsha, Museum of International Folk Art
Borgstede, Greg, University of Pennsylvania Museum
Brand, Peter, First Peoples Culture Council
Brandon, Jamie C., University of Arkansas
Bray, Lindsey, University of Memphis
Brick, Howard, University of Michigan
Bromberger, Christian, University of Provence at Aix-en-Provence
Brown, Alison K., University of Aberdeen
Brown, Alison K., University of Aberdeen (United States)

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