Lessons Lived and Learned in Developing and Managing a Bi-National Cultural Heritage Sector Project in South Africa

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C. Kurt Dewhurst
Narissa Ramdhani
Marsha MacDowell


The installation of a new democratic government in South Africa in 1994 opened the door to redress the long-neglected, and often suppressed, needs of the cultural heritage sector of South Africa. Extensive efforts were quickly mobilized to transform practices and policies that erased those of the previously white-dominated, apartheid nation. One multi-faceted bi-national collaboration designed to address transformation needs in the cultural heritage sector resulted in a variety of expected and unexpected positive impacts, identified and implemented a set of principles of partnerships that guided the bi-national work, and set the stage for additional collaborative projects.


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C. Kurt Dewhurst, Michigan State University Museum


Narissa Ramdhani, Ifa Lethu Foundation

CEO, Ifa Lethu Foundation

Marsha MacDowell, Michigan State University Museum

Curator of Folk Arts, Michigan State University Museum