Cloth in West African History (Kriger)

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Beth A. Buggenhagen

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Buggenhagen, B. (2008). Cloth in West African History (Kriger). Museum Anthropology Review, 1(2), 175-177. Retrieved from //
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Beth A. Buggenhagen, Indiana University

Beth A. Buggenhagen is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University. Her research considers circulation, new and old, in relation to commodities, Islam, gender, translocalism, and recently, visual culture in Senegal and North America. She is presently completing work on a book manuscript tentatively titled “Prophets and Profits: Gender and Islam in Global Senegal,” which relates the global circuits of Senegalese Muslims in urban Dakar, rural Tuba/Mbacke and the North American cities of New York and Chicago to the politics of social production in Senegal.