Iqqaipaa: Celebrating Inuit Art, 1948-1970

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Shannon Bagg

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Bagg, S. (2008). Iqqaipaa: Celebrating Inuit Art, 1948-1970. Museum Anthropology Review, 1(2), 104-106. Retrieved from //
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Shannon Bagg, Canadian Museum of Civilization

Shannon Bagg has curated several exhibitions on Inuit art and is the author of Making Art Work In Cape Dorset (Ottawa: Carleton University Art Gallery, 1997). She edited, with Lynda Jessup, On Aboriginal Representation in the Gallery (Gatineau, QC: Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2002). In addition to teaching in the fields of Inuit art and museum studies, she has worked as Curator of Inuit Art at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.