The American Folklore Society-China Folklore Society Folklore and Intangible Cultural Heritage Project, 2013-2016

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C. Kurt Dewhurst
Timothy Lloyd


Emphasizing its museum-focused sub-project, this report describes the second phase of the China-US Folklore and Intangible Cultural Heritage Project (2013-2016). Supported by the Henry Luce Foundation, the larger project links these two national scholarly societies in a program of professional exchanges, scholarly meetings, and joint inquiry around issues of intangible cultural heritage policy and practice. The museum sub-project has included joint exhibition development work, travel to local communities in the United States and in Southwest China, and other collaborative initiatives. This report describes the project's history, funding, outcomes, and some lessons learned.


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C. Kurt Dewhurst, Michigan State University

Director of Arts and Cultural Initiatives, Michigan State University and Curator of Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Michigan State University Museum

Timothy Lloyd, American Folklore Society

Executive Director emeritus, American Folklore Society