A Partnership Between Ehattesaht Chinehkint, First Peoples’ Culture Council, and First Peoples’ Culture Council’s FirstVoices™ Team to Build a Digital Bridge Between the Past and Future of the Ehattesaht Chinehkint Language and Culture

Earl J. Smith, Victoria C. Wells, Peter Brand


The convergence of people, purpose, and possibilities regarding Indigenous Language Revitalization is the subject of this paper. Participants from a Provincial Government and Indigenous Government come together to consider what constitutes the principles or best practices in organizational partnership to achieve success for documenting and digitizing indigenous language material. This research and subsequent relationships are explored through experiential narratives of three people from these organizations. It represents perspectives from one indigenous nation, and provides insight into one set of principles to enact when working with indigenous people on issue of cultural and language revitalization.


Language; Indigenous Peoples; Indigenous Language Revitalization; Indigenous Knowledge; Repatriation; Partnerships; Sustainability Principles; Best Practices; Digital Archiving

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