Readers of Museum Anthropology Review might be interested in knowing which contributions to the journal were most intensively consulted during 2012. Only today did I study the statistics closely. Here is the journal's top five for 2012. 1. Daniel C. Swan's "Objects of Purpose—Objects of Prayer: Peyote Boxes of the Native American Church" in MAR 4(2). 2. Jon Kay's "A Picture of an Old Country Store: The Construction of Folklore in Everyday Life" in MAR 4(2). 3. Heather Horst's Review of "Longing and Belonging: Parents, Children and Consumer Culture (Pugh)" in MAR 4(2). 4. Carrie Hertz's "Costuming Potential: Accommodating Unworn Clothes" in MAR 5(1-2). 5. Jill Ahlberg Yohe's "Situated Flow: A Few Thoughts on Reweaving Meaning in the Navajo Spirit Pathway" in MAR 6(1). Congratulations to these authors and thanks to MAR's many readers around the world!