As of November 6, 2009, here are some "best sellers" from the MAR Archives. The most frequently consulted review that we have published is Laura Smith's review of the book Native Moderns: Native American Painting, 1940-1960. To date, it has been downloaded more than 4353 times. The most frequently consulted review essay is Michelle Flikke's "The Museum of the Battle of Ideas, Cardenas, Cuba," which has been consulted more than 3590 times. The most popular peer-reviewed article to date is Ann McMullen's "The Currency of Consultation and Collaboration." It has been consulted at least 940 times. For the Flikke and Smith reviews, these figures include many (but not all) of the times that these items were consulted in the current OJS-based site as well as the WordPress-based site. Neither figure includes the versions found in IUScholarWorks Repository. The full range of MAR content is getting great use. These numbers compare very favorably to more established journals in the field of anthropology. Congratulations to these authors on their especially well-received works.