Changes for Museum Anthropology Review


Entering its fourteenth year in 2020, Museum Anthropology Review (MAR) is now published by Indiana University Press rather than by the Mathers Museum of World Cultures (MMWC). In direct contradiction to the plans that I outlined in a March 29, 2019 MAR editorial ("Histories and Realignments: Museum Anthropology Review in a New Era"), MAR now returns to its previous work of publishing excellent scholarship across the full breadth of the field. 

OSJ Upgrade for MAR and other IUScholarWorks Journals


Visitors to the Museum Anthropology Review website will notice a significant change to the journal's look and feel online. This is a consequence of a major upgrade of the Open Journal Systems software that MAR and other IUScholarWorks journal titles are published with.

MAR 12(1) Now Published.


Happy New Year. The Mathers Museum of World Cultures is pleased to announce that MAR 12(1) has just been published and is available online.

MAR 10(2) Published


Celebrate Museum Anthropology Review's 10th year with volume 10(2), now published.

MAR 8(2) Now Published


We are happy to announce that the second (final) issue for 2014 is now published. Look for a lot of great new materials to be published in 2015.

MAR 8(2) Content Coming Online in Preview Form


Work preparing MAR 8(2) continues, but content from the issue is being made available as it is readied. Find a growing range of content from the issue online now. Once complete, the issue will be posted in fully paginated form with final DOI numbers.

The DOI Era Begins with MAR 8(1)


The DOI Era Begins with MAR 8(1) MAR is happy to report that journal content is now being published with DOIs (Digital object identifiers) assigned and active. DOI is a key publishing technology that does much to advance the durability, discoverability, and identification of scholarly resources.

MAR 8(1) Now Published


MAR 8(1) is now published and available in final form. Thanks to all of the authors, reviewers, peer-reviewers, and supporters who made this next issue possible. DOI numbers for all content have been arranged for, but have not been activated yet.

Update on the MAR 8(1) Preview


While DOI numbers are assigned to the content now set for publication in MAR 8(1), the preview version will be temporarily taken down. It (or the final version) will be made available as soon as possible.

Previewing MAR 8(1)


Work preparing MAR 8(1) continues, but content from the issue is being made available as it is readied. Find a growing range of content from the issue online now. Once complete, the issue will be posted in fully paginated form.

Happy New Year: MAR 6(2) Now Online


MAR 6(2) has just been published. It is a briefer-than-typical issue, but it offers a range of useful contributions. The issue is smaller than normal because work is underway on larger projects for 2013. Thanks to all of the contributors who made 6(2) possible.

Great News: MAR Now Indexed by Anthropological Literature


Articles published in Museum Anthropology Review are now indexed by, and discoverable in Anthropological Literature, an important and well-established bibliographic index to articles in journals and edited works received by the Tozzer Library at Harvard University.

On MAR 4(2)


We are publishing MAR 4(2) today. All of the issue's content is appearing in PDF form now. Because of some logistical challenges, the issue's content in HTML will appear in a couple of weeks.

Some Statistics


As of November 6, 2009, here are some "best sellers" from the MAR Archives.

OAIster Indexing = WorldCat Indexing


In a previous announcement we pointed out that all MAR content is indexed (very professionally and usefully) in the OAIster Database. This service (which will remain open) is now a part of OCLC and is accessible via Learn more (and try it) here:

MAR 3(2) Is Here!


Happy Open Access Week! We are happy to announce the publication of MAR 3(2). Thank you to each of the authors, reviewers, and peer-reviewers who made it happen.

MAR 3(2) To Appear on Monday


Open Access Week begins on on Monday, October 19 and, in celebration, we will be publishing issue 3(2) of Museum Anthropology Review. Its a great issue and we look forward to sharing it with the world in beautiful, accessible, affordable Gold OA.

Letters to the Editor Added to 3(1)


A pair of letters to the editor have been added to Museum Anthropology Review 3(1). These letters update Aaron Glass' review essay focused on the Bill Reid Gallery, which appears in the same issue of the journal.

MAR 3(1) Now Published!


We are pleased to report that MAR 3(1), the Spring 2009 issue, is now online and available. Thanks to all the authors who contributed to it.

Volume 2, Number 2 Now Published


We are very pleased that the next issue of Museum Anthropology Review, volume 2, number 2, has just been published. Thanks go to everyone who contributed to this issue, especially to the authors of the two peer-reviewed articles that anchor it.

MAR Has a New Email Address


Museum Anthropology Review has a new email address. In order to help differentiate it from the journal Museum Anthropology, and as part of the larger relaunch within IUScholarWorks Journals, we have set up a new email address just for MAR. Please direct mail to

MAR in IUScholarWorks Launched


With a press release issued today (2/21/2008) Museum Anthropology Review was officially launched as a publishing project of the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries as part of the IUScholarWorks Journals initiative.